Thursday, June 4, 2009

This may just well be the greatest competition of all time for filmmakers!

Los Angeles, California - USA
Finalists Announced: December 2009

THE $200,000 ULTIMATE FILMMAKER COMPETITION (UFC), a dynamic filmmaking competition offering one visionary filmmaker a six-figure production grant and distribution deal.

Sponsored by Canon, Final Cut Pro, NeoFlix, MovieMaker Magazine, Final Draft, and Filmmakers Alliance, UFC is looking for undiscovered filmmakers with talent, determination, vision, and a passion for filmmaking as a way of life. A full screenplay is not needed at the time of entry; to apply, only a one-page synopsis, 250 word "Why I Am a Filmmaker" essay, and a filmmaker resume are required.

The First Place winner receives at minimum a $200,000 USD cash production grant along with an additional $300,000 in resources to turn their proposal into a script and then into a film. The winning filmmaker will also receive a Canon HD camera, production software, and development and production guidance. And it doesn't stop there; the film will be heavily promoted, will premiere at a major film festival, and will be distributed on multiple platforms simultaneously - theatrically, on cable, and on the net - for maximum international exposure.

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